European Cadets and Youth

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European Cadets and Youth

Naples, Italy – February 2024

A stage of skill and determination: European Youth Fencing Championships, the event that celebrates the future of European fencing.

The Cadet and Youth European Championships represent a crucial event for all fencers from the Old Continent in the Under 17 (Cadet) and Under 20 (Youth) categories. Furthermore, the continental event constitutes a great opportunity for visibility for all the young athletes who are starting to enter the world of the Assoluti (the “big” ones, so to speak).

Over the years, the event has proven to be a “laboratory” of young talents who, taking their first steps on the international stage, have then established themselves in the most prestigious competitions and finally taken to the stage of the Olympic Games.

Race day

The competition days during the European Cadet and Youth Championships follow a well-defined programme. In total, 24 races are held over the 8 days of the event. These competitions include individual male and female events of the three weapons (épée, foil and saber), as well as team events in the same specialties.

The first four days are dedicated to Cadet competitions (under 17), during which young fencers compete on international platforms to win the continental title. Subsequently, the fifth to eighth days are reserved for youth competitions (under 20). In this period, emerging fencing talents take to the stage to demonstrate their skills and try to obtain prestigious results.

The organization of this event requires meticulous planning and coordination to ensure the smooth running of the competitions and compliance with the established times. The days start early, at 9.00, with the start of the elimination rounds of two of the three scheduled competitions. This initial phase is crucial in determining which athletes will advance to the subsequent phases.

The attention reaches its peak at 7.00 pm, when the finals of the competitions are held. In these decisive stages, the best fencers fight to win the European title in their respective categories. Immediately after the finals, around 8pm, the exciting awards ceremonies take place, where the athletes are recognized for their achievements.

These European Cadet and Youth Championships represent a unique opportunity for young fencers to demonstrate their prowess and gain experience on the international stage. Furthermore, the event contributes to enthusiasm and interest in the sport of fencing, promoting the values ​​of dedication, fair competition and sporting spirit.

Race venue

To host this prestigious event, the Palavesuvio in Naples was chosen. Located in the Ponticelli district, this facility can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators divided into three rooms: gym A, B and C. The facility regularly hosts basketball and volleyball matches, as well as indoor athletics events. Palavesuvio is already known for hosting numerous competitions during the 30th Summer Universiade in 2019.

Naples, now consolidated as an important tourist destination, has seen a notable increase in visitors and the creation of internationally renowned events. Sport has played a key role in this phase of rebirth and growth of the city, attracting attention thanks to global events, such as the America’s Cup regattas, Davis Cup matches, the Giro d’Italia and football competitions at national and international level.

With its modern infrastructure, increased accommodation capacity and proverbial hospitality, Naples is ideal for hosting major sporting events. The candidacy for the 2024 European Cadet and Youth Championships represents a further step in the direction of establishing Naples as a center of sporting excellence and international attractiveness.

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